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Planning a kitchen takes time. It requires focus, careful attention to detail and the ability to sift kitchenware that is necessary from that which is optional. One thing that stays central in all this is kitchen furniture. You need it for food preparation, storage and food presentation. It is also one of those things you don't want to keep replacing because, frankly, getting the right fit of furniture for your kitchen is not exactly a walk in the park. Once you get the right pieces, you'll want to hold onto them for as long as possible. Which brings us to the issue of quality. Buy furniture that can withstand constant use as this is unavoidable in the kitchen. Thankfully, kitchen furniture is made with this is mind and will more often than not exceed your quality expectations. Every reputable furniture store or kitchen design company in South Africa has several lines of kitchen furniture to choose from at any given time.

Kitchen cabinets and countertops are the centerpiece of every kitchen. Even without additional furniture, the most basic of kitchens will function fully if it has countertops and cabinets. Choice of kitchen cabinets and countertops is determined by numerous factors, notably kitchen layout, size and available budget. Some cabinet designs work best in a spacious kitchen while others are built in space saving designs that make then ideal for small kitchens. South Africa kitchen dealers offer various standard kitchen cabinet sizes in their ready-made stock options. These come in different styles, materials and finishes. The features and accessories each has vary from design to design and often dictate the final price of the cabinet. Make sure your kitchen cabinets and countertops meet your needs by picking them in the right size and shape. Cabinets should be big enough to keep your kitchenware as desired. Increase your cabinets' usability by varying their depths so that they're able to hold items of different sizes. Adding shelving, pull-out drawers, hooks and rails boosts their versatility.

Tables, chairs and bar stools are additional kitchen furniture you may want to have in your kitchen. If the kitchen will largely be used by one or two people, a bistro table and matching chairs is a perfect choice. If more people will be expected to sit at the kitchen, get a larger table and chairs. You can supplement the chairs will bar stools, which can be pushed under the table when not in use, thereby freeing valuable floor space. Choose bar stools with adjustable height where possible, so that each user can adjust the chair to a height that's is comfortable for them. This is crucial if you have children, because then they can sit at the table comfortably. Arm rests and back rests make the chairs more comfortable and safer for kids too. You can swap the kitchen table for a kitchen island, which offers 3-in-1 practicality. The island becomes a work surface, dining table and storage facility rolled into one. Sizes vary. Pick according to the size of your kitchen.

More kitchen furniture you'll find useful are kitchen carts and racks. Kitchen carts can be pushed in and out of the kitchen and to different locations in the kitchen as needed. In South Africa, they come in a range of sizes and designs. Some kitchen carts have drawers, others are made in an open shelving design. Choose the design that suits your lifestyle, needs and preference. If you could do with more storage space, a kitchen cart with cabinets will prove more valuable than one without.